The story.

In a world full of dull brands that look alike, the ones that stand out and create powerful relationships are the ones that succeed and last.

Futura is a creative studio based in Mexico City, founded in 2008, with the goal of transforming traditional design forms and trying to change the way design is developed and consumed globally.

Our work is the result of constant experimentation, we believe in creativity above all else and how it can be translated not only in images, but also in objects and spaces. The essence of Futura is in making perfection meet chaos.

We create and revamp brands that stand out to create meaningful relationships with people, empower businesses and resonate around the world. We believe that the only way of being relevant nowadays is to create authentic brands that stand out locally and globally connecting and developing lasting impact with people.

  • Rule No. 1

    Never work for politicians, religions or gambling institutions.

  • Rule No. 2

    Be firm, determined, persevering and almost obstinate when it comes to good design.

  • Rule No. 3

    Push the limits, propose more and exceed expectations.

  • Rule No. 4

    Always choose nice people, great projects and experimentation above money.

We are experts in our field and our scope goes beyond what’s visual. We have experience in brand business strategy and creation. We understand what’s best for our clients and their projects, the success of their brands is our main goal. Our coaching is our added value. We won’t let them fail.

We create great brands.
We are Futura, a brand after all.

The team.

18 people

3 Partners / 9 Designers / 4 Production / 1 Project Manager / 1 Administrator

4 Different Nationalities

Argentina / Guatemala / Italy / México

Multidisciplinary Team

Branding / Photography / Documentation / Typography / Illustration

23-38 Age Range

60% Men - 40% Women